I had the opportunity to participate in a Wisconsin Whitetail deer hunt through a generous donation with Freedoms Finest Outdoors! Despite not having a bow, the organization went out of their way to lend me one! They provided the tags, the ride out there and a place to stay while there. This experience was above and beyond what I was expecting! I had one of the best times of my life with this opportunity!!  The conversations we had during our drive there and back, and while at the cabin will be something I will never forget. Being around other vets made the experience more enjoyable even though we didn't know each other, we all can relate which made me feel comfortable. Everyone involved went the extra mile to make sure we had a great time- which we did! I was blessed enough to even tag my first buck- a nice 8point!! I am so grateful and thankful for this organization and anyone who supports it! I would recommend Freedoms Finest Outdoors to any veteran! Good times! 



This past fall, I was given the opportunity to attend a hunt sponsored by a few great organizations. The organization that sponsored my hunt, was Freedoms Finest Outdoors. Everything I needed, was covered by the organization, and I was able to spend a long weekend in part of America's white tail heartland with an amazing group of gentlemen. Since leaving active duty, it's been a long road adjusting to civilian life. The woods are one place I question nothing. I am able to relax, breathe and focus on one thing I hold very close to my heart. Connecting with the spirit of the wild is in my opinion the best form of therapy a veteran can experience. I'm beyond thankful for the opportunity Freedoms Finest has let me experience, and the opportunities they continue to present. Thank you to a great group of guys that truly want to do the best for our nations veterans


“I cannot say thank you enough to Freedom's Finest Outdoors for making this (Hog) hunt possible. The camaraderie and esprit de corps was something I have rarely felt since rejoining the "real world". Meeting so many people that actually put their time and resources into giving back to those who have served was amazing. We laughed and cried but always with respect for one another. The new friends I met on the hunt I will not soon forget and look forward to seeing again ASAP.”

Semper Fi